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“I want to create layers of meaning, not just by building relationship, making connection and creating dialogues of the art works, but also by bringing alight the invisibles, the gaps or intervals, and the mystery. It is achieved by expanding the dimension of time and space in my works.”

”I am fascinated about these mysterious connections between the art works and viewers. And I like the ideas of my works are constantly demanding of each other and having conversations together.”

Lam Wong is a Canadian visual artist, designer and curator. His interest is primarily rooted in regional West Coast art history, with an emphasis on the development of painting and its avant-garde narrative. Lam’s creative approach is often concerned with blending Eastern philosophies and challenging the notion of painting.

An immigrant from Hong Kong during the 1980s, Lam studied design, art history and painting, both in Alberta and British Columbia. He is currently practicing painting and tea related artwork as his main media. Lam sees art making as an on-going spiritual practice. His main subjects are the perception of reality, the meaning of art, and the relationships between time, memory and space. Lam has lived and worked in Vancouver BC since 1998.




For enquiries or to schedule a studio visit, please contact:

Lam Wong
21 E Pender St.
Vancouver BC
V6A 1S9




Griffin Art Projects
1174 Welch Street, North Vancouver BC
May 11 – September 2, 2019
Opening Reception: May 10, 7–9 PM
Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 12–5PM, and by appointment

Sat. May 10, 6-7 PM: Lam Wong Performance, MA No.1 - The Space Between Objects
Sat. June 15, 1-3 PM: Lam Wong Performance, MA No.2 - The Stillness Between Movements
Sat. Aug. 10, 1-4 PM: Lam Wong Performance, MA No.3 - The Silence Between Sounds

Person/ne reveals the agency of taking action through art making. Alternatively meditative, declarative, political and insistent, the artists’ works reveal acts of care, citizenship and personhood, or cognizance of its lack, through a variety of unexpected means.

Works are drawn from Griffin Art Projects Residency Artists and private collections in Vancouver; artists in the exhibition include Sonny Assu, Stephan Balkenhol, Christian Boltanski, Sophie Calle, Leon Coupey, Stan Douglas, Duane Linklater, Yevgeniy Fiks, Sima Khorammi, Shawn Hunt, Emily Jacir, Mahdyar Jamshidi, Zoe Kreye, Ann Newdigate, Ricarda Roggan, Norman Tait, Stephen Waddell, Ai Wei Wei, Janet Werner, Lam Wong and Sislej Xhafa.

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Lam Wong: Mind Transition

268 Keefer St. Unit-071 Lower-ground, Vancouver BC
Jan 12 to April 2, 2019
Opening Reception: Jan 12 (Sat. 3pm)
Gallery Hours: Tue to Sat 1-6pm, or By Appointment (604.417.4893)

Artist Talk: Jan 26 (Sat. 3pm)


About the series Transitional 2x4:

A series of diptych paintings, each showing a fixed frame and depicting motion figures paired with a monochromatic colour-field counter part. Behind each piece of artwork is a hidden painting that is permanently mounted. They are created with layers of calligraphy and paint, drawing from a famous concept in the Diamond Sutra: The Buddha’s teaching on the impermanent and empty nature of all phenomena. The hidden paintings are both talismanic and abstract in nature. Below are the original texts that have been used in the hidden paintings:

一切有為法 如夢幻泡影
如露亦如電 應作如是觀

All conditioned phenomena
Are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, and shadows,
Like dew and like lightning;
One should contemplate them in this way.
(English Translation)

The Transitional 2x4 series was formed with a realization of a single thought - "Everything and every situation happens only once." All experience is unique. It is a quiet contemplation on time and impermanence. The frame of each painting symbolizes Nowness, and the content (the walking figures inside the frame) depict the movement in time – an expression of Impermanence in all forms and colours. Like an ever-flowing river, the walking figures seem to transition into other frames in a mysterious way. I like the idea of my paintings having conversations with each other.

My newer paintings are very often inspired by my older works. The idea of the undercover hidden paintings and the pairing of two paintings on each panel may come from my earlier work, a large diptych called Westcoast (MOA) 2008, which feature two Buddhist monks on the left panel and a same-sex couple on the right. The setting was the Museum of Anthropology at UBC in Vancouver British Columbia. The aesthetics of this new series, upon revisiting them after completion, feels like a subconscious extension of two of my earlier paintings titled 1964 The Poignancy of Music, and 1964 The Poignancy of Poetry, set in Mark Rothko's studio in Soho, NYC which I painted between 2010 to 2012. They are the projected ideal of how painting should be made, and what should be felt.




Lam Wong: 21 Elements

Arts Council Gallery
Queen’s Park, New Westminster BC
Sept 2 to 27, 2014
Opening Reception: Sept 7th, 2-4 PM
Gallery Hours: 1 to 5 PM, Closed Mondays.

The exhibition features Lam Wong’s oil paintings from 2006 to 2014. The main theme of this body of work is to explore the relationship between the art objects and their viewers. He invites you into his internal investigations on the mysteries of memory and perception within his paintings, and hopes to delve into the deeper meanings behind the process of creating art.

The Arts Council Gallery is located in scenic Queen’s Park, New Westminster, annexed to the Centennial Lodge. Entrance at 1st Street and 3rd Avenue or McBride Boulevard at 6th Avenue.


Download 21 ELEMENTS Show Catalogue PDF