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CD 318 (Re-Performance) Ignoring Mark Rothko 21 Elements Westcoast (MOA)
Geneva 1964 (Part I) 1964 (Part II) Pop Star
Israel Spider and I Antoni The Distance
Fear Pain Crave Pleasure High Art Green Brandy
Barrier Time Turns into Space Mother The Lacemaker 1
Silence - Mov. 1 Prepared Piano Silence - Mov. 2 Laughter 2.04 Silence - Mov. 3 Apartment Door of Perception
Blind Woman at a Photography Show (VPL) Melting Snow Kevin Shields I Don't Really Know, Do You?
Audio Program (MOMA) Green Brandy Untitled 1110 The Lacemaker 2
Artist's Mother with Yellow Hat Picasso Summer The Pat The Death of Ruben, His Muse and Her Niger Slave
Green Brandy Portrait of Adrian e. Africa Green Brandy